HTML5 Ninja is a marketplace where authors & designers propose their creations (themes, scripts... ) for selling.
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Public API

Get Ninja's public data

GET<Ninja user name>

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JSON Response

Index type
id Integer the ninja ID
user_name String the ninja user name
name String the ninja full name
location String the ninja country
signed_up Date signed up date
items Array list of items related to the Ninja
total_sales Integer count all the ninja sales
total_shurikens Integer total rate counting


Index type
id_item Integer the item ID
title String the item title
about String the item short description
price Integer the item price
small_image String small screenshot URL
large_image String large screenshot URL
libs Comma separated Api & Javascript library
category Comma separated item category
browsers Comma separated browser compatibility
sales Integer count all sales related to the item
shurikens Integer rating count
url String URL to item details page

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